ZOTA – Revolutionizing healthcare

Science is the key in transforming lives and society. At Zota, our commitment,extensive research and development, breakthrough innovation and passion to bring a change has enabled us to support our growth strategy by developing and enhancing our products range.

Research Focused

At Zota, every day our huge research and development setup endeavors to enhance the lives of people. Our team contemplates about the unmet medical needs of society and strives hard to deliver it with robust research and unprecedented experimentation.

Develop New Formulations

Bringing innovation in the healthcare industry is taking the road less traveled. We take up new challenges consistently and deliver best-in-class medicines to the market as constructively as possible. Our goal is to serve you best.

Vast Product Portfolio

Changing theories into medication has been our top priority. Our extensive R&D department has applied for 19 patents out of which 6 are approved. To cater to every section of society, we have enlisted almost 3000 product mix for the development of the pharma sector.

Pre-eminent distribution system

The connectivity of our distribution system is widespread through our commitment to science, breakthrough innovation, and passion for improving the lives of patients. One of our major strengths is our extensively branched out network, spread across all the major rural and urban areas of the country.

Maintain the Quality Standard of the Products

We call ourselves a patient-driven organization. By maintaining the standard quality of our products at affordable prices, we help the patient in need. We know we are making the world a better place and enhancing the healthcare sector by our small steps towards better quality.

Our Brand Identity Reflects Our Values

Pink represents the good health of the society.

Blue represents the Corporate Culture of the company.

Green represents the company’s presence in Ayurvedic, nature-centric products and supports Green India Initiative.

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